Daily routine, enhanced.

PTW Design & Development, Inc. has launched the first in a family of controllers to allow remote operation of tablets and smartphones in developing a set of shortcuts and features for individuals with limited dexterity and visual impairment.

AireCLICK delivers essential functionality for people who face daily routine challenges by supporting multiple input devices (low force switches, big button switches, joysticks, sip and puff, etc.) to control smartphones, computers and more.

The AireCLICK Lite allows users to control their audio and video outputs, audibly play text messages, and make phone calls with a single touch.  Support for many more applications in mobility, home automation, creative arts, and business analytics are scheduled for later this year 2019.

AireCLICK is be available for a test drive at several Centers for Independent Living including CIL in Alameda, CA and CID in San Mateo, CA in January 2019. Contact us to join in.