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Minimizes the effort to control your environment

The AireTOUCH® is a low-force accessibility switch designed for individuals with limited finger strength and dexterity.  AireTOUCH features:

  • 40-gram switch activation threshold.

  • Soft silicone enclosure.

  • Velcro® adjustable fabric strap that wraps around your finger.

  • 6-ft cable.


Ultra light activation switch

Put the AireTOUCH on a wheelchair by easily swapping out the fabric strap with our steel wheelchair mounting bracket.  As standard for accessibility switches, the AireTOUCH terminates in a mono 3.5 mm plug.


Technical Specifications:

  • Average Activation Force: 40-grams.

  • Size: 19 mm x 26.5 mm x 9.7 mm.

  • Case Material: Soft Silicone.

  • Switch Type: On/Off Tactile Switch.

  • Cable Length: 6-ft.

  • Connector: Mono 3.5 mm Plug.

  • Accessories: Velcro® Strap for Finger use, Steel Wheelchair Mounting Bracket.

Daily routine, enhanced.

AireCLICK delivers touch-of-a-button shortcuts for individuals who face daily routine challenges, supporting all kinds of AT switches (low force, big button, joysticks, sip and puff, etc.) to control smartphones, computers and more. Click here to read more…


Maximizes the use of your smart devices.