Minimizes the effort to control your environment

The AireTOUCH® is a low-force accessibility switch designed for individuals with limited finger strength and dexterity.  AireTOUCH features:

  • 40-gram switch activation threshold.

  • Soft silicone enclosure.

  • Velcro® adjustable fabric strap that wraps around your finger.

  • 6-ft cable.

Put the AireTOUCH on a wheelchair by easily swapping out the fabric strap with our steel wheelchair mounting bracket.  As standard for accessibility switches, the AireTOUCH terminates in a mono 3.5 mm plug.

AT photo.jpg

Ultra light activation switch


Technical Specifications:

  • Average Activation Force: 40-grams.

  • Size: 19 mm x 26.5 mm x 9.7 mm.

  • Case Material: Soft Silicone.

  • Switch Type: On/Off Tactile Switch.

  • Cable Length: 6-ft.

  • Connector: Mono 3.5 mm Plug.

  • Accessories: Velcro® Strap for Finger use, Steel Wheelchair Mounting Bracket.