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How long will it take to learn to use AireCLICK?

PTW designed AireCLICK with the intent of making it highly intuitive.

AireCLICK allows the user to easily customize macros so the user can have his / her own unique responses to UP / DOWN / FORWARD / BACK / CENTER button clicks.

The flexibility continues with customized instructions via high-sensitivity switches, joysticks, ruggedized switches and vision-driven inputs.


How do I activate or deactivate functions?

Simply navigate to the main menu and click on desired function. The screen on your smartphone or tablet will indicate whether the app is active or inactive.


Can I run multiple applications concurrently?

Yes. For example you can choose your audio controls to listen to music and later select to join in a chat or web conference. At that point, it might make sense to turn your audio down, particularly if you elect to un-mute and join in the web conference conversation.


What devices can I use today?

Our first release supports the Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. PTW is actively working to expand our support for other devices.


What about Apple / IOS devices?

Apple iOS offerings are targeted for release later in 2019. PTW will provide more specific information about support devices and applications when available.


Is my AireCLICK tied exclusively to one device? 

Your AireCLICK will control one device at a time. For example, you can use your AireCLICK with your smartphone and then disconnect to begin using the same AireCLICK with your Android tablet.


Can I add my own code to control currently unsupported applications?

No. Projected after 3Q2019.

PTW has developed a method to add new applications into the AireCLICK environment that is currently available only to a small set of AireCLICK authorized developers. This approach could allow for rapid support of many more apps, but it is in its early stages. PTW is reluctant to expend support of this method to a broader user base at this time.