The PTWDD Story

Philip Weiss and Richard Weiss started PTW Design & Development, Inc. (PTWDD) in June 2015. Philip is a UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering /Computer Science (EECS) graduate and Richard is a scientist with 20+ years experience as founder and CEO of a successful science and engineering consulting business. Philip has been severely physically disabled since childhood and successfully completed all requirements for his BS in 2010, despite losing his ability to write with his hands after his junior year. Throughout Philip’s life, he and his Dad, Richard, have created assistive devices useful to Philip that were not commercially available. As people who have always had difficulty accepting the status quo, Philip and Richard have worked together to develop solutions to make Phil’s day to day life safer, more comfortable and more productive. 

PTWDD was created to help Philip develop and produce his assistive device designs, and offer these devices to other physically disabled people to make their lives easier, too.  We intend to offer the devices that Philip develops as a platform for advancing development of human machine interfaces, assistive devices, ergonomic products and consumer products derived from our assistive devices.