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Now you can…

Assistive Technology for all



Maximizes the use of your smart devices

A family of controllers that allow remote operation of smartphones, tablets, and computers:

  • Your choice of inputs from one-button switches to joysticks, sip & puff, and vision-based devices.

  • Drive essential applications like:

    • One-touch calling,

    • Audio-video controls,

    • Switch-scanning,

    • Accessing Google Assistant,

    • Viewing / hearing, and replying to text messages.

AireCLICK® meets PTW’s commitment to create and deliver assistive technology (AT) solutions for people with physical limitations.

Now, people with limited hand / finger strength, the visually impaired and others can use AireCLICK to more effectively use their smartphones and tablets.

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Use AireCLICK to:

  • Control your music / podcasts - raise and lower volume, play next, play previous.

  • Listen and audibly respond to text messages - play next, stop, and reply.

  • See new messages - each social site indicated on AireCLICK by a unique LED color.

  • Make phone calls simply - via speed dialing.

  • Navigate your screen with switch scanning - selecting the icon or an item or a phrase you want and proceeding to the next.

  • Harness the power of Google Assistant - interact through natural voice to search the Internet, schedule events and alarms, and show information from the web.

Includes full support for essential apps

Expanding suite of supported inputs & outputs

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AireCLICK Instructions:

Step 1: Connect your AireCLICK.

For AireCLICK Lite plug it into the micro-USB port of your device.

For AireCLICK Plus pair it with your device’s Bluetooth.

Step 2: Plug your headset into your AireCLICK.

Step 3: Download “AireCLICK App” from Google Play.

Contact for availability at Apple Store.

Step 4: Set-up / Initialize.

Click on the App and follow the instructions on screen.

Step 5: Verify the default settings on your device.

Step 6: Start using AireCLICK by selecting which functions you want to use.

Step 7: If you would like to customize the AireCLICK’s main menu, select Left, Right, Up, Down, and Center to link specific commands for speed-dialing, chats, text messages, and music controls.