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Assistive Technology for all

Our Mission

Creating and delivering assistive technology (AT) solutions for people with physical limitations.

PTW’s first projects include developing AT devices that address the challenges of:

  • Accessing a tablet or smartphone.

  • Operating a switch with limited hand / finger strength.

  • Providing non-invasive ventilation.

PTW is expanding its spectrum of solutions by engaging with the community, centers for independent living, and teaching hospitals to create new AT solutions.

We are committed to donating 10% of our earnings to non-profit organizations and to individuals in need to support the community of people with physical challenges.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, PTW makes the lives of people with physical disabilities easier by creating AT solutions that improve access to technology readily available to others.

Philip Weiss, a UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering / Computer Science (EECS) graduate and his father, Richard Weiss, a Stanford graduate, and founder / CEO of successful science and engineering consulting firm, collaborate to develop solutions to make day-to-day life safer, more comfortable and more productive for those facing physical challenges.

Philip has been severely physically disabled since childhood. He successfully completed all requirements for his BS in 2010, despite losing his ability to write with his hands after his junior year.

Throughout Philip’s life, he and his father have created assistive devices useful to Philip that were not commercially available.

PTW now delivers its solutions both directly and through partner channels.

Our Team

Son and father in their lab.png

Phil T. Weiss, CTO and Richard B. Weiss, CEO